Wedding Weight Loss

So; the wedding is fastly approaching and therefore my blog has been a little quiet of late. In fact the only reason I am getting a chance to write this is because my internet isn’t working properly on the train so aI can’t check my wedding apps religiously like a the dirty bridebook addict I am. (I’ll do a separate post soon on the apps/websites I am loving for the wedding planning)

One thing I am getting frustrated with at the moment is the wedding weight loss! It’s just not happening!

I joined WW at the beginning of the year, and had a great start. 8lbs in my first 2 weeks! But then it slowed, then there were gains, a couple if losses (but one of those was definately because the consultants scales were broken!) My local group closed but I started a new office role with a health insurance company who are partnered with WW, so we have in office weighs. And that’s handy but theres no meetings as such, or groups for support.

Since January I have lost 1st, so it’s extremely slow going. I have done extreme  diets such as the egg fast  which did help me to shift some pounds but it could never be a long term thing.

So, I’m looking for tips on how I can shift some timber before October’s final dress fitting.  Feel free to comment with your suggestions. All help is greatly appreciated!

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