Meet the Family

Hello there!

I’m Ashley, the author of this blog. I live in the wonderfully grey city of Manchester with my little family unit Allan (the husband to be) Pickle, our little girl and our huge collection of fluffs – Poppy & Duke, our crazy puppers and Tinks and Scout – The sassiest pair of Kitties in Bolton. We also have a token guinea pig because allegedly, all children should have one…

Why Blog?

Well quite frankly I love having an outlet for the random musings that pass my brain. I used to have a blog back in 2011 – Coffee, cakes and everything Inbetween. I adored blogging but then life got in the way and it just went a little wayside and life got in the way. I mean I am not complaining, I met the most wonderful man and gave birth to my beautiful, funny little Pickle, and I figured it was time to get back into doing something I love.

What do you write about?

Life! My life as a working mamma of a hurricane toddler. Life as a bride to be with an impending big day that she feels totally unprepared for. Life as a woman who battles with her weight on a daily basis and is on a mission to slim down! I also share some recipes and review places on a regular too. Essentially whatever pops into my head that day!

Do you do sponsored or guest posts?

Myself and my family are open to negotiate with any opportunity that may arise.  Please email us at