Meet the Family

Hello there!

I’m Ashley, the author of this blog. I live in the wonderfully grey city of Manchester with my little family unit Allan (the husband to be) Spud – Allan’s eldest from his first marriage and Pickle, our little girl. We also have a huge collection of fluffs – Poppy & Duke, our crazy puppers and Tinks and Scout – The sassiest pair of Kitties in Bolton.

Why Blog? Well quite frankly I love having an outlet for the random musings that pass my brain. I used to have a blog back in 2011 – Coffee, cakes and everything Inbetween. I adored blogging but then life got in the way and it just went a little wayside and life got in the way. I mean I am not complaining, I met the most wonderful man and gave birth to my beautiful, funny little Pickle, and I figured it was time to get back into doing something I love.

Some random facts about me

    • Some people would refer to me as a nerd, and I’m okay with this.
    • I am a qualified Microblading Artist, Nail Technician and continue to learn skills in the beauty industry.
    • I suffer with Anxiety and depression.
    • I’m a huge Comic fan, Generally I prefer Marvel over DC, however DC have upped their game a lot recently
    • I adore Star Wars. R2D2 gets me in my feels all of the time.
    • I may have a slight stationary addiction. It’s my kryptonite. If I am ever feeling sad a new notebook is usually guaranteed to make me smile.
    • I LIVE for a good horror movie / book. If anybody has any recommendations please drop me a comment and i’ll look it up.
    • We love adventures. We can find an adventure pretty much anywhere. It’s not always about getting on a plane and going away – Sometimes an adventure is just getting your wellies on and jumping in puddles.
    • I love taking days out with my little family, planned or not they are my favourite way to spend my time
    • I do love gaming, however I have a slightly addictive personality so tend to try and steer clear as much as possible or I don’t think i’d be able to parent aha.
    • If the description of my fluff family wasn’t a big enough hint, i’m nutty about animals. Small or large I love the animal kingdom.
    • And most importantly I love being a parent more than anything. It’s nothing at all like I imagined it would be, it’s better. It’s harder. it’ more frustrating and our lives have been flipped upside down. In the best way.

I think that’s about enough of that, if you need to know anything else feel free to ask.