Commuter Ettiquette

Is there guidelines on Commuter Ettiquette? I mean, I have been working at my new(ish) role for 3 months now, catching 4, sometimes 5 trains in a day and some people…. Honestly?!

Here is my list of “Best Practices” I would like to suggest to be in an official handbook

  1.  I can assure you all that no matter how smooth you think you look staring down the ladies top who is crammed into you because National Rail does not believe in personal space – You don’t. It’s just rude. And nothing will EVER come of it. Ever.
  2.  When travelling on escalators, if you don’t intend to do any of your own moving. Please stick to the right. Let us who are in a rush to catch a connecting train / tram get there and not have to stand behind you quietly huffing and cursing you under their breath.
  3.  Bodily gasses are never appreciated in an airtight tin container travelling at 120mph. If you need to desperately, there is usually a loo on board. Please just be polite about it.
  4. See that text message on my phone…. Yeah you do because you are reading it over my shoulder. Please stop.
  5. Staring at people is a little uncomfortable. Honestly. Everybody enjoys partaking in a little people watching, sure. But please learn to be a little more discreet about it.
  6. When people need to get off the train, breathing in doesn’t always clear a path for them. Please don’t enforce them squeezing past.
  7. I know your bag has had a rough day, but why not hold it and give it a hug rather than making people stand up whilst it has a seat all of it’s own!!

Thank you for your co-operation haha. Do you have an ettiqutte tip rule you would add to an imaginary handbook for the daily commute? Please share below

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