Wedding Saviours

It would be a fair observation to say that for somebody who works in a planning environment, planning our wedding has not been my favourite thing in the world to do. I literally have had no idea where to start.

1 – Thankfully in a wedding group on social media, somebody mentioned the Bridebook app, and Oh my god – It’s been an absolute lifesaver. From sorting our budget, to our guest list – to reminding me to get my invites sorted. I don’t know how we would have got this planned without this little treasure! Throughout the planning process the guest list has changed multiple times, Family fall outs, friends breakups – You don’t realise just how much it deviates from your original plan!

2 – Pintrest. The hours and hours I have lost on Pintrest looking for inspiration.  Just type in the theme, or what you are after (rings, invites,  dresses, hair and make-up. It’s all there!)

3. Amazon  The things I have found on here that are super cheap for all of us DIY brides, you wouldn’t even believe. I think my Ring box was less than £3 including delivery. It really is worth a browse. Sometimes you may have to wait a little longer for delivery but it is extremely worth it.

4. Social Media. There are so many companies out there in the wedding industry offering all different types of products, and you find some will do competitions. I have won some smaller things, tote bags, a bride hoodie, a personalised hanger – but the best thing?! I won a free videographer!

So, There you have it, my BIG 4 for wedding planning.  Enjoy planning your big day ladies

Bounce Central

So Allan has been wanting to take Lillie to a tramoline park for months and I have always backed away for a couple of reasons

  1.  I felt she was too young. She’s only a dinky little human so I just thought the bigger kids would make it a really uncomfortable adventure for her
  2.  I mean, I am not a small woman. I was scared people would look at all my lumps and bumps jiggling around.

However, I could deny that Pickle LOVES to jump. On my bed, on my couch, just on a general walk, if she CAN jump – she WILL jump!

So, I conceded, and off the Bounce Central we went. We went during half term so we had to pay full price however during term time, you can go with a toddler for just £6, adults bounce free AND the toddler gets a free meal deal.

There was a smaller space for toddlers, and longer trampolines for older children, however you was not restricted as to where you could bounce. Pickle was scooting about, Jumping into a big foam mattress and making friends. My fiercely independent girl didn’t want to wait for mummy and daddy to catch up – She was off.

All in all it was a fantastic day out. Nobody even looked at all my jiggly bits flailing around on the trampolines, nothing collapsed under my weight and I now can’t wait to go back. If you are looking for an energetic day out full of laughter that will make your child sleep the whole night through- This is the one for you.

That’s my review anyway. Pickles review as she was going to bed was ” Muuuuummm, Bouncing was BIG fun today”

Can’t wait to come back


Smithills Open Farm

Since moving to Bolton at the end of 2015 it would be a fair comment to say I haven’t explored it to it’s full potential. However since having Lillie a whole new level of social invites came along with her… Childrens Birthday Parties!

Our first was my friends little girls 3rd Birthday “Can you bring Lillie to Smithills?” Of course I said yes. It didn’t matter about my anxiety at the time, I didn’t want her to miss out.

When we got there, my first impression was how big it was! Lillie was under 2 so admission was free. We got to see lots of your usual farmyard animals you would expect 🐷🐄🐎🐑🐐🐓… but also some that were quite suprising (MEERKATS!)

We’ve visited several times since then too. Donkey rides and the tractor ride are a firm favourite with our little one, but she loves nothing more than animal corner where she gets to meet the baby animals and even hold some Guinea pigs and baby rabbits. She learns how the cows are milked and also gets to feed all the animals on the way round.

It’s £7 entry now for her, £8 for an adult which is extremely reasonable for the fun she has.

The additional treat which has opened recently is the ice cream parlour where thar fresh milk is turned into the smoothest, creamiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted. Perfect for sunny days out. 🍦🍦

There are a couple of places to get food within the farm and plenty of outdoor picnic space. It really is a little gem for the family fun days out.

Eddie Bears

I think it is fair to say that toddlers have far too much energy for their tiny stature. I mean, where do they even store it?! When I’m dropping for sleep or doing my famous ‘mombie’ impression Pickle will be running around the park, no signs of slowing or stopping – always with a smiley face asking “Again?”

We have visited a soft play centre in the local town a few times in the past or and it’s always been enjoyed with either her old brother to help her through or her Daddy. About 2 months back I braved taking her alone to find it had closed down. I was a tad disappointed.

When speaking to a fellow toddler parent about lack of places we can grab a coffee where the little ones burn some energy she mentioned the soft play centre was reopened under new management, with a new name – And I’ve been so excited to take pickle since discovering this news.

My first impression on walking in was how clean it now looked.  Not that it looked filthy before but you can tell the standards have been raised. A few things were moved around too, which made more sense. It meant the children were not running in the area where the parents sit for that much needed caffeine fix, and maybe – Just maybe even a cheeky slice of cake.

They’ve also introduced a baby sensory room – Oh god if only they had taken over when Pickle was smaller. I travelled over an hour to take her to one baby sensory class when she was younger – Which she cried all the way through haha. I always spent a lot of her infant year wishing I took her out more but a mixture of anxiety and not really knowing the area that well I didn’t get to take her out as much as I would have liked.

The prices are ridiculously reasonable too. There was no restriction on the time she could play, however there is a 2hr restriction on parking so if you drive you may want to leave before the 2hours is up.

Thank you Eddie Bears, for giving my little girl a safe space to run riot and tiring her out ready for an earlish night so I had time to work on my little blog.