Commuter Ettiquette

Is there guidelines on Commuter Ettiquette? I mean, I have been working at my new(ish) role for 3 months now, catching 4, sometimes 5 trains in a day and some people…. Honestly?!

Here is my list of “Best Practices” I would like to suggest to be in an official handbook

  1.  I can assure you all that no matter how smooth you think you look staring down the ladies top who is crammed into you because National Rail does not believe in personal space – You don’t. It’s just rude. And nothing will EVER come of it. Ever.
  2.  When travelling on escalators, if you don’t intend to do any of your own moving. Please stick to the right. Let us who are in a rush to catch a connecting train / tram get there and not have to stand behind you quietly huffing and cursing you under their breath.
  3.  Bodily gasses are never appreciated in an airtight tin container travelling at 120mph. If you need to desperately, there is usually a loo on board. Please just be polite about it.
  4. See that text message on my phone…. Yeah you do because you are reading it over my shoulder. Please stop.
  5. Staring at people is a little uncomfortable. Honestly. Everybody enjoys partaking in a little people watching, sure. But please learn to be a little more discreet about it.
  6. When people need to get off the train, breathing in doesn’t always clear a path for them. Please don’t enforce them squeezing past.
  7. I know your bag has had a rough day, but why not hold it and give it a hug rather than making people stand up whilst it has a seat all of it’s own!!

Thank you for your co-operation haha. Do you have an ettiqutte tip rule you would add to an imaginary handbook for the daily commute? Please share below

Wedding Weight Loss

So; the wedding is fastly approaching and therefore my blog has been a little quiet of late. In fact the only reason I am getting a chance to write this is because my internet isn’t working properly on the train so aI can’t check my wedding apps religiously like a the dirty bridebook addict I am. (I’ll do a separate post soon on the apps/websites I am loving for the wedding planning)

One thing I am getting frustrated with at the moment is the wedding weight loss! It’s just not happening!

I joined WW at the beginning of the year, and had a great start. 8lbs in my first 2 weeks! But then it slowed, then there were gains, a couple if losses (but one of those was definately because the consultants scales were broken!) My local group closed but I started a new office role with a health insurance company who are partnered with WW, so we have in office weighs. And that’s handy but theres no meetings as such, or groups for support.

Since January I have lost 1st, so it’s extremely slow going. I have done extreme  diets such as the egg fast  which did help me to shift some pounds but it could never be a long term thing.

So, I’m looking for tips on how I can shift some timber before October’s final dress fitting.  Feel free to comment with your suggestions. All help is greatly appreciated!

New Year, New.. Who am I trying to kid?!

Why in gods name do we do it to ourselves? Think of all these weird and wonderful ways the new year is going to be different, then end up disappointing ourselves. My promise to myself for 2019 was that I was going to moisturise every day, keep my blog updated and take some time in everyday to myself…

And here we are, 14 days into the year and I am only just writing this, with a face that feels like sandpaper looking like an exhausted penguin. Oh, and with 10% battery on my laptop so who knows if it will even be published right?! 😂

I do miss blogging, immensely. I just wish I had more time for it. My little girl is growing up and everyday brings us something new. I don’t know, maybe i am worried i will miss something in the whole 60 minutes it would take to have a shower or a bath, and have some ME time.

One thing that has been pretty consistent this year has been my insomnia – I literally could be dropping for sleep all day then the second I climb into bed, nothing. Nada…. Nope. No Zzzz’s for me. Maybe this would be a great time for blogging like tonight… but i tend to use this time for worrying. It’s a solid plan.

Wow, I wasn’t wholly sure what I would write about and so far, this is seeming pretty… depressing. Maybe it’s time to call it a night and try again tomorrow with a more cheerful tone. 💙

Night all..