Bride Tribe ❤

Let me tell you the story of a girl who went to a wedding fair in October and saw a musician called who’s talent was undeniable. She asked him if he performed the song that she wanted for her first dance. He didn’t… but he asked her to give him 5 minutes and come back.When she did the sound was so beautiful it made her involuntarily cry. Perfect. ❤She was working in a salon and building a client base was slow going. When she spoke with her fiance about this musician he said there were more important things to be boxed off. And just wait.Months passed and the bride to be didn’t care anymore, She would make it work. So she messaged the musician to get the worst message back… ‘Oh, I’m booked on that day now” Gutted she asked him to let her know if there was any cancellations. She knew she should never wish somebodies wedding be cancelled… but she did. Every day. When she was speaking with her maid of honor about other singers she would get emotional. Nobody compared.Imagine her shock when 5 months after that first meeting she has a night in with her bridesmaids trying on dresses… and they present her with a gift. They all went behind her back to make her day perfect. Turns out the wedding she was wishing would be cancelled for the past few months was actually her own.

I have never ugly cried happier tears than I did on this night. My Bride Tribe is the best. Theres so much of this wedding I couldn’t have done without you but this is above and beyond. I love you all ❤❤

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