Bounce Central

So Allan has been wanting to take Lillie to a tramoline park for months and I have always backed away for a couple of reasons

  1.  I felt she was too young. She’s only a dinky little human so I just thought the bigger kids would make it a really uncomfortable adventure for her
  2.  I mean, I am not a small woman. I was scared people would look at all my lumps and bumps jiggling around.

However, I could deny that Pickle LOVES to jump. On my bed, on my couch, just on a general walk, if she CAN jump – she WILL jump!

So, I conceded, and off the Bounce Central we went. We went during half term so we had to pay full price however during term time, you can go with a toddler for just £6, adults bounce free AND the toddler gets a free meal deal.

There was a smaller space for toddlers, and longer trampolines for older children, however you was not restricted as to where you could bounce. Pickle was scooting about, Jumping into a big foam mattress and making friends. My fiercely independent girl didn’t want to wait for mummy and daddy to catch up – She was off.

All in all it was a fantastic day out. Nobody even looked at all my jiggly bits flailing around on the trampolines, nothing collapsed under my weight and I now can’t wait to go back. If you are looking for an energetic day out full of laughter that will make your child sleep the whole night through- This is the one for you.

That’s my review anyway. Pickles review as she was going to bed was ” Muuuuummm, Bouncing was BIG fun today”

Can’t wait to come back


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