Wedding Saviours

It would be a fair observation to say that for somebody who works in a planning environment, planning our wedding has not been my favourite thing in the world to do. I literally have had no idea where to start.

1 – Thankfully in a wedding group on social media, somebody mentioned the Bridebook app, and Oh my god – It’s been an absolute lifesaver. From sorting our budget, to our guest list – to reminding me to get my invites sorted. I don’t know how we would have got this planned without this little treasure! Throughout the planning process the guest list has changed multiple times, Family fall outs, friends breakups – You don’t realise just how much it deviates from your original plan!

2 – Pintrest. The hours and hours I have lost on Pintrest looking for inspiration.  Just type in the theme, or what you are after (rings, invites,  dresses, hair and make-up. It’s all there!)

3. Amazon  The things I have found on here that are super cheap for all of us DIY brides, you wouldn’t even believe. I think my Ring box was less than £3 including delivery. It really is worth a browse. Sometimes you may have to wait a little longer for delivery but it is extremely worth it.

4. Social Media. There are so many companies out there in the wedding industry offering all different types of products, and you find some will do competitions. I have won some smaller things, tote bags, a bride hoodie, a personalised hanger – but the best thing?! I won a free videographer!

So, There you have it, my BIG 4 for wedding planning.  Enjoy planning your big day ladies

Commuter Ettiquette

Is there guidelines on Commuter Ettiquette? I mean, I have been working at my new(ish) role for 3 months now, catching 4, sometimes 5 trains in a day and some people…. Honestly?!

Here is my list of “Best Practices” I would like to suggest to be in an official handbook

  1.  I can assure you all that no matter how smooth you think you look staring down the ladies top who is crammed into you because National Rail does not believe in personal space – You don’t. It’s just rude. And nothing will EVER come of it. Ever.
  2.  When travelling on escalators, if you don’t intend to do any of your own moving. Please stick to the right. Let us who are in a rush to catch a connecting train / tram get there and not have to stand behind you quietly huffing and cursing you under their breath.
  3.  Bodily gasses are never appreciated in an airtight tin container travelling at 120mph. If you need to desperately, there is usually a loo on board. Please just be polite about it.
  4. See that text message on my phone…. Yeah you do because you are reading it over my shoulder. Please stop.
  5. Staring at people is a little uncomfortable. Honestly. Everybody enjoys partaking in a little people watching, sure. But please learn to be a little more discreet about it.
  6. When people need to get off the train, breathing in doesn’t always clear a path for them. Please don’t enforce them squeezing past.
  7. I know your bag has had a rough day, but why not hold it and give it a hug rather than making people stand up whilst it has a seat all of it’s own!!

Thank you for your co-operation haha. Do you have an ettiqutte tip rule you would add to an imaginary handbook for the daily commute? Please share below

Wedding Weight Loss

So; the wedding is fastly approaching and therefore my blog has been a little quiet of late. In fact the only reason I am getting a chance to write this is because my internet isn’t working properly on the train so aI can’t check my wedding apps religiously like a the dirty bridebook addict I am. (I’ll do a separate post soon on the apps/websites I am loving for the wedding planning)

One thing I am getting frustrated with at the moment is the wedding weight loss! It’s just not happening!

I joined WW at the beginning of the year, and had a great start. 8lbs in my first 2 weeks! But then it slowed, then there were gains, a couple if losses (but one of those was definately because the consultants scales were broken!) My local group closed but I started a new office role with a health insurance company who are partnered with WW, so we have in office weighs. And that’s handy but theres no meetings as such, or groups for support.

Since January I have lost 1st, so it’s extremely slow going. I have done extreme  diets such as the egg fast  which did help me to shift some pounds but it could never be a long term thing.

So, I’m looking for tips on how I can shift some timber before October’s final dress fitting.  Feel free to comment with your suggestions. All help is greatly appreciated!

In her heart.

When she let go of my hand to hold the hand of the injured soldiers statue.

She will forever know the sacrifices made by our servicemen. She will be taught to respect and show gratitude always.

But, on this day. She didn’t need to be taught. She just knew. She just felt it in her tiny heart. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Bounce Central

So Allan has been wanting to take Lillie to a tramoline park for months and I have always backed away for a couple of reasons

  1.  I felt she was too young. She’s only a dinky little human so I just thought the bigger kids would make it a really uncomfortable adventure for her
  2.  I mean, I am not a small woman. I was scared people would look at all my lumps and bumps jiggling around.

However, I could deny that Pickle LOVES to jump. On my bed, on my couch, just on a general walk, if she CAN jump – she WILL jump!

So, I conceded, and off the Bounce Central we went. We went during half term so we had to pay full price however during term time, you can go with a toddler for just £6, adults bounce free AND the toddler gets a free meal deal.

There was a smaller space for toddlers, and longer trampolines for older children, however you was not restricted as to where you could bounce. Pickle was scooting about, Jumping into a big foam mattress and making friends. My fiercely independent girl didn’t want to wait for mummy and daddy to catch up – She was off.

All in all it was a fantastic day out. Nobody even looked at all my jiggly bits flailing around on the trampolines, nothing collapsed under my weight and I now can’t wait to go back. If you are looking for an energetic day out full of laughter that will make your child sleep the whole night through- This is the one for you.

That’s my review anyway. Pickles review as she was going to bed was ” Muuuuummm, Bouncing was BIG fun today”

Can’t wait to come back


Bride Tribe ❤

Let me tell you the story of a girl who went to a wedding fair in October and saw a musician called who’s talent was undeniable. She asked him if he performed the song that she wanted for her first dance. He didn’t… but he asked her to give him 5 minutes and come back.When she did the sound was so beautiful it made her involuntarily cry. Perfect. ❤She was working in a salon and building a client base was slow going. When she spoke with her fiance about this musician he said there were more important things to be boxed off. And just wait.Months passed and the bride to be didn’t care anymore, She would make it work. So she messaged the musician to get the worst message back… ‘Oh, I’m booked on that day now” Gutted she asked him to let her know if there was any cancellations. She knew she should never wish somebodies wedding be cancelled… but she did. Every day. When she was speaking with her maid of honor about other singers she would get emotional. Nobody compared.Imagine her shock when 5 months after that first meeting she has a night in with her bridesmaids trying on dresses… and they present her with a gift. They all went behind her back to make her day perfect. Turns out the wedding she was wishing would be cancelled for the past few months was actually her own.

I have never ugly cried happier tears than I did on this night. My Bride Tribe is the best. Theres so much of this wedding I couldn’t have done without you but this is above and beyond. I love you all ❤❤

Letters to Lillie #1

To my beautiful baby girl,

I thought I would do this section on my blog for a couple of reasons really. Firstly sometimes I feel like I love you so much I might smother you if I tried to explain how full you have made my heart. Secondly, because I won’t always be here, so I wanted you to always have this as a make do. 💙

Let’s go back… let’s go waaaay, waaaay back. 2014 ( which is going to feel ancient for you) was the year I got the news. It was the middle of April and the doctors said “I’m so sorry Miss Grand, but without help you will never conceive a baby naturally”

Right there in that room, at 28 years old I felt like a failure. See, in my head the basic function of a woman it’s yup procreate… to be a mummy and here i was being told I couldn’t. In hindsight it was a good thing, as I was in toxic relationship but at the time my world feel down around me. I remember being in the bath at your Nanna Paulines house and I prayed to God with tears in my eyes – Please, Please give me a chance to be a Mummy. Please let me prove I am worthy… I begged for a miracle and just 2 months later I met your daddy.

Finding out about you was a shock? It was New Years eve 2015, we was going to a party had gone to buy our drinks for the night. Earlier in the day I had bought a pregnancy… like so many times before, you see sometimes just seeing the negative line would make mummy’s body work, as it’s a little broken with PCOS, but I’ll explain that another day.

Anyway, we was in Tesco, your dad had his vodka in the basket and I had some Rum, and all of a sudden I needed a pee. Remembering in the cubicle I had my test I did it there and then… and almost immediately – 2 lines showed up. 2 lines!! You was there ❤ Then the panic set in. See me and your Dad had only been together 7 months. This was all going so fast! Would I be forced to do this alone?

Sheepishly I left the toilet and went to your dad. My first words about it was “I’m going to have to put that rum back” His face went from confusion to the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face. I knew then it was okay. It was all going to be okay.

Smithills Open Farm

Since moving to Bolton at the end of 2015 it would be a fair comment to say I haven’t explored it to it’s full potential. However since having Lillie a whole new level of social invites came along with her… Childrens Birthday Parties!

Our first was my friends little girls 3rd Birthday “Can you bring Lillie to Smithills?” Of course I said yes. It didn’t matter about my anxiety at the time, I didn’t want her to miss out.

When we got there, my first impression was how big it was! Lillie was under 2 so admission was free. We got to see lots of your usual farmyard animals you would expect 🐷🐄🐎🐑🐐🐓… but also some that were quite suprising (MEERKATS!)

We’ve visited several times since then too. Donkey rides and the tractor ride are a firm favourite with our little one, but she loves nothing more than animal corner where she gets to meet the baby animals and even hold some Guinea pigs and baby rabbits. She learns how the cows are milked and also gets to feed all the animals on the way round.

It’s £7 entry now for her, £8 for an adult which is extremely reasonable for the fun she has.

The additional treat which has opened recently is the ice cream parlour where thar fresh milk is turned into the smoothest, creamiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted. Perfect for sunny days out. 🍦🍦

There are a couple of places to get food within the farm and plenty of outdoor picnic space. It really is a little gem for the family fun days out.


I feel like all I ever think about it my weight, and the fact losing weight is going SOOOOO SLLLLOOOWWWLLLYY. I needed a boost.

I have been looking at the Keto diet for a while yet still getting slightly confused on how it all works. My friend mentioned the egg fast, so I figured, 3 days… I can totally do that!

I ate the same thing every day.  I had 3 boiled eggs prepared. I ate my first in my first 30mins of being awake. Then between breakfast and lunch I snacked on my other 2, with a little sriracha sauce. Lunch was Boiled Eggs with a mustard mayo from the Co-Op with some snack cheeses and a can of diet coke. My evening meal was a plain omelette with cheese.  Sounds pretty boring right, but I actually enjoyed it.

Image result for egg fast keto

I wasn’t hungry whilst on the diet which is surprising to say the least, and I slept well. The biggest question I was asked was about bodily gasses and if I became constipated but I can assure you that everything was perfectly normal.

By the end of my three days, I had lost 10lbs. I was ecstatic with this. I mean, even if I put 3-5lbs back on that still a huge loss in a week!

So to anybody looking to shift a couple of pounds before an occasion I wholeheartedly recommend this diet.

Things they don’t tell you…

Can we just take a moment to discuss the things they don’t tell you when you become pregnant.

I mean, from the moment you see those two lines appear on the device you choose to pee on… it’s all excitement and Congraulations right?! And we all await this mythical pregnancy glow?! This was an extremely different experience for me.

  1. The first thing nobody warned me about was sickness. I mean, you hear about Morning Sickness right?! So you presume you’ll be starting the day with a little bit of Vom. WRONG. The sickness does not limit itself to a time! You could be happily travelling on a bus in the middle of the afternoon and it hits you like a wave. Your mouth starts to salivate and you know it… You’re going to hurl. The worst experience of my life was being on  National express coach from Kent to London, and about 30 minutes I felt it. I tried to go to the toilet but it was occupied. Did my baby care?! Did it balls. So I Vommed. And I vommed some more at the sight of the vomit that was currently on me, in my hair, on the seat next to me. I couldn’t get a change of clothes as they were all under the coach. It was a very dark day for pregnancy.
  2. Peeing. Okay, we all know as the baby grows, the urge to pee is more frequent right. And we know it wakes you in the middle of the night. Mildly inconvienient yes?! What they don’t tell you is, you know how there’s usually a build up. Like you know you have to go, but you’ve probably got another 30-60mins before it’s borderline accident time. Well in pregnancy that warning hour is gone.  You can go from fine to wetting yourself in 0-10 seconds And don’t even think about sneezing! I was quite poorly during my pregnancy with Pickle with some kidney issues (a kidney stone they had to leave in on my right, abnd a dilated kidney on my left.) I remember one day I was on a drip, which was plugged into the wall, and I knew I was going to be sick. Allan got me a sick bowl and refused to leave, however with each heave, I pee’d a little. And I cried more. Cried with the pain, but mainly for the humiliation. I was like a leashed dog and there was nothing I could do but lose my dignity with every heave. Thankfully he stuck by me and never judged me.  I literally went through hell to bring our baby to this world. Oh by the way – Almost 3 years on… still don’t trust a sneeze! Just saying!
  3. Strangers feel like it is fine to touch your belly. The amount of people who would give my belly a little rub. I mean, I’ve been overweight my whole life and nobody has ever come over for a wee rub of my jiggly tummy before. But all of a sudden it’s socially acceptable to touch a strangers belly?!
  4. The levels of fatigue you feel are unreal. I mean, you will get out of breath walking up the stairs. And you’ll probably give yourself grief for it too. But you are growing a baby human. That sh*t is exhausting. If you neeto nap, do! There won’t be much time for it afterwards.
  5. Take more “Bumpies” (Bump Selfies). Because believe it or not, you’ll miss that bump when it’s gone. I wish I took more everyday!
  6. Birth Plans. Oh my god – the most pointless thing ever. You have NO idea how the night is going to go. Will you dilate so quickly you can’t have ain relief (like me), will you be induced, Will you be back to back, Will you poop in the birthing pool?! At the end of the day, my only advice is make your plans loosely. The night can go so much different, so don’t get upset if you don’t get the birthing pool, or the delayed cord clamping or any of that Jazz. Just trust your body and trust your medical team. As scary as it all is, your baby is on the way. And every pain is magical. Really!
  7. You’re probably going to get stretchmarks. But are they not a small price to pay to carry a life into this world. This is what we are born to do. And not everybody will get to experience this feeling. Please don’t focus on the bad of stretchmarks, but rather, if it wasn’t for them… You wouldn’t have your amazing child.
  8. SO many people look at your vagina! Like, Seriously. Because I was ill, it felt like every other week somebody new was taking a peek a my cervix, whilst I was trying to count how many holes were in the ceiling tiles. I mentioned I was ill with my kidneys right?! On the worst time I got an infection I was pretty out of it, I was put in a ward byself slipping in and out of consciousness, running a fever. One night my chest felt sore, So i remember bit and bats of having an ecg. I was in no fit state to assist them putting the patches on so I was kind of lay there. Anyway a few weeks later I went for an appointment with and the lady consultant was saying how she had seen me before but couldn’t place me. Then asked me if I was the lady who needed the emergency ECG a few weeks before. All I could think about for the rest of my appointment was how this lady had seen my boobs. I sat there blushing wanting the world to swallow me up, but ladies. Please know these doctors and nurses see ALL sorts. They must see about 40 vaginas in a day and probably a few boobs inbetween. It’s fine!
  9. You know the glow? Well what happens is you gradually become too tired to do your hair and make up everyday, the fatigue takes over, maybe you’re a little pale from all the vomit, Then one day you don’t have that. And you feel great. So you do your hair and make up… BAM. Everyone comments on the glow. NO GUYS, this is just what I used to look like before I didn’t have the energy for effort anymore.
  10. The biggest thing nobody tells you is every pregnancy is different. And do you know what, no matter how good or bad your experience, youd go through it all again to cuddle that newborn baby at the end of it.